Fall 2022 Staff

Cameron Rudin
Station Manager • (He/Him)
Cameron Rudin is a Senior RTF and Advertising double major at the University of Texas at Austin. He grew up in Houston, Texas. He has worked at TSTV since his freshman year on shows such as Next Week Now, Boom in the Shot, Riot!, and Down To Film. On his off days he can usually be found eating steak and drinking iced tea at The Texas Chili Parlor while watching The Astros. You can’t miss him in a crowd, because he’ll always be the loudest.

Robbie Voisinet (he/him)
Entertainment Department Director
Senior Radio-Television-Film major
Hometown: Sienna, TX
Favorite TV Show: Better Call Saul

Kaitlyn Gomez (she/her)
Entertainment Department Director
Junior Radio-Television-Film Major
Hometown: McAllen, TX
Favorite TVShow: Arrested Development

Madelyn Hayden (she/her)
News Department Director
Senior Journalism major
Hometown: Tatum, TX
Favorite TV Show: Schitt's Creek

Tristan Thomas (she/her)
Marketing Director
Junior Radio-Television-Film major
Hometown: San Antonio
Favorite TV Show: Fleabag

Samantha Perl (she/her)
Sport Department Director
Samantha Perl is a junior RTF major with a minor in Sports Media! She loves biking, baking, photography, and watching sports. After college she hopes to get a job in sports television production and do behind the scenes work.

Ezra Gomez (he/him)
Diversity and Inclusion Director
Junior Radio-Television-Film and Sociology major
Hometown: Flower Mound, TX

Lauren Haughey (she/her)
Narrative Department Director
Junior Radio-Television-Film major
Hometown: College Station, TX
TSTV Shows: Longhorn Latenight, Cereal Killer, and The R.C.A.
Favorite TV Show: Goblin (K-Drama)
Favorite Austin Restaurant: Chuy’s, specifically their chicken tortilla soup!

Levi Casias (he/him)
Studio Manager
Senior Radio-Television-Film major
Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Carly A. Ramos (she/her)
Animation Director
Junior Radio-Television-Film and Arts and Entertainment Technologies major
Hometown: Lyford, TX
TSTV Shows: Redacted
Favorite TV Show: Malcolm in the Middle
Favorite Austin Restaurant: Ramen Tatsu-Ya

Meg Foster (she/her)
Incubator Director
Junior Radio-Television-Film and Economics major
Hometown: Richardson, TX
Favorite TV Show: Jane the Virgin

Spencer Simons (he/him)
Web Series Director
Junior Radio Television Film major
Hometown: Wichita Falls, TX
Favorite Show: Chainsaw Man

Joie Parma(she/her)
Incubator Director
Senior Radio-Television-Film major
Hometown: Wylie, TX
TSTV Show: Jenny’s Cinema
Favorite TV Show: New Girl
Favorite Austin Restaurant: Tumble 22

Lucy Kulzik (she/her)
Events and Recruiting Manager
“Hi I’m Lucy Kulzick, your staff and events director! I’ll be planning fun events all semester! I am a second year RTF major and work on Down To Film here at TSTV!

Eric Brown (he/him)
Online Community Manager
Senior Radio-Television-Film major
Hometown: Dripping Springs, TX
Favorite TV Show: Young Justice

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