Spring 2024 Staff

Kaitlyn Gomez
Station Manager • (She/Her)
Kait is a Senior Radio, Television, & Film major at the University of Texas at Austin. She grew up in McAllen, Texas. She has been with TSTV since her freshman year, staying loyal to satirical news show Next Week Now. Both edifying and unintelligible, this arbiter of good taste enjoys the work of David Berman and reminiscing on Sebastian Vettel's Formula 1 career.

Favorite TV Show: Arrested Development

Jake Alvarez (he/him)
Entertainment Department Director
Jake is a senior Radio, Television, and Film major at The University of Texas at Austin. He grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, and has been a part of TSTV since his sophomore year. His tenure includes producing for both Next Week Now and HookBang. He's the type of guy with a niche reference for every situation. Oh, and, FYI: If you have a question about blue hedgehogs and/or 2000s cartoon shows, Jake will more than likely have a really good answer for you.

Favorite TV Show: Malcolm In The Middle

Ryan Ranc (he/him)
Entertainment Department Director
Ryan is an RTF major with a Journalism minor. He was born in Austin, Texas, and has been in Texas ever since. He joined Video Game Hour Live his freshman year in the fall of 2021. Ryan has since helped on almost all of the entertainment shows at the station. He is one of the biggest horror fans around, and if you come up with a stupid premise, he’s probably seen a horror movie with that exact idea executed.

Mary Stone
Narrative Department Director
Mary is a senior Radio-Television-Film major. She was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and traveled her way down to right outside Houston by the time she was 5. Since then, she’s followed her passions in the arts and landed at the TSTV Narrative Department! She’s worked on four seasons on Down to Film and a plethora of other shows. Mary loves to work as a production designer on short films and hopes to pursue a career in the art department.

Favorite TV Show: Monk

Cameron Coburn (he/him)
Narrative Department Director
Cameron is a Radio-Television-Film and Journalism double major. He was born right outside of Austin and grew up around the city. He joined the Hourglass Narrative show and later became a producer. He is also a part of Next Week Now, an Entertainment show. Cameron loves foreign movies such as The Wailing, Paprika, and Parasite. He is also an intern for On Story, an Austin Film Festival TV show airing on PBS.

Sophia Kurz (she/her)
News Department Director
Sophia is a senior Journalism and Informatics double major at The University of Texas at Austin. She was born in New York, but grew up in London, England. She has been in TSTV since her sophomore year, working on all shows in the News Department. Being hot, but also annoying, Sophia enjoys Taylor Swift and oversharing.

Lailah Licon
Recruitment & Events
Lailah is a first-year Film and Journalism major and a business minor at The University of Texas at Austin. She is from Houston. Lailah is involved in several different TSTV shows. She volunteers at Austin Underground and TSTV Primetime and is the social media manager for Keep Austin documentaries. Lailah loves the film industry and hopes to work for Marvel Studios or A24 one day.

Favorite TV show: The Twilight Zone

Jason Kinander (he/him)
Sports Department Director
Jason Kinander is a fourth-year Journalism student from Chicago. Entering his fourth and final year in TSTV, Jason has dedicated a great deal of his time at UT to TSTV Sports, primarily with College Pressbox, where is is executive Producer and can also usually be found hosting. Jason loves covering the UT sports in person for TSTV and takes a lot of pride in the product that TSTV Sports puts out with their coverage. In his free time, Jason likes to listen to drill music, watch HBO documentaries and try new things.

Justin Goosman (he/him)
Sports Department Director
Justin is a junior Radio, Television, and Film major who is also pursuing a minor in Journalism. Justin is from the San Antonio area but has moved around his whole life, with the coolest place he's lived being Alaska. Justin has been involved in the TSTV Sports department for the last year, working on College Press Box, College Crossfire, and 1-0 Sports. This year, he is working as one of the Co-Sports Directors, as well as being the Executive Producer of College Crossfire. Some of his hobbies include golfing, playing basketball, and watching movies.

Favorite TV Show: Ted Lasso

Brady Adair
Brady is a first year RTF major. He was born in Irving, Texas, right outside of Dallas. Brady joined TSTV his first semester at UT and has become involved with the shows Next Week Now and Stand Up and Deliver. Brady loves a good comedy, with Superbad being his all-time favorite.

Samantha Perl
Station Photographer
Samantha is a senior Radio-Television-Film major with a minor in Sports Media, and was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She’s been a part of TSTV since her first semester. In her tenure, she was Sports Director and EP for College Press Box and TSTV Gameday. Currently, she’s involved with Tower Talks, CXF, 1-0 Sports Show, Gameday, STUD, and Next Week Now. Samantha loves watching College Basketball and Formula 1, taking pictures, and baking.

Eric Brown (he/him)
Online Producer
Eric is a senior RTF major at UT Austin. He grew up in Dripping Springs, Texas. He's been with TSTV since he transferred in 2021, working across a number of shows including Now Hiring, Video Game Hour Live, and And We're Rolling. This giant, sunglasses-wearing, black-hole-stomach-having nerd is always ready to roll initiative, play video games, talk nerd shit and vibe with friends.

Favorite TV Shows: Young Justice, Fantasy High

Carly A. Ramos (she/her)
Animation Director
Carly is a senior Radio-Television-Film and Arts and Entertainment Technologies major Lyford, Texas. She's worked on the TSTV show Redacted. Her favorite Austin Restaurant is Ramen Tatsu-Ya.

Favorite TV Show: Malcolm in the Middle

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