Lights. Camera. Chaos.

Down To Film is TSTV's longest running narrative production. An anthology, each season focuses on the mundane and supernatural inconvienences of a fictional television show.

Season 20

The crew of the highly popular reality dating show, D.T.F!, are a well-oiled machine…or so everyone thinks. The crew members’ lives seem to carry more drama and more secrets than the ones of their contestants. And secrets never stay secret for long in this industry.

Season 19

A group of supernatural and sci-fi entities use a TSTV show as a support group. Everything changes when a pair of freshmen join the show, forcing the monsters to work to maintain their ruse to protect each other from inevitable discovery.

Season 18

The struggling children's show "Just Kidding" finds new opportunities - and new conflicts - in a change of leadership.

Season 17

Three aspiring production assistants compete to score a job on a low-budget, locally run talk-show and cause an isolated zombie outbreak.

Season 16

One DTF was bad enough, but now there's two of them. An inter-dimensional mixup results in two alternate crews being forced to work together as they face off against doomsday cults, carnivorous alien intruders, and the threat of full-blown collapse.

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